UHSVU vs St Johns Round 1 2018

Weekend Recap Round 1

UHSVU Womens
What a day it was for UHSW. Going down with a fight to Ivanhoe, it was still bitter sweet as the girls showed courage throughout the four quarters teaming together for the first time. Alice ONeill was a trail blaze for the team getting best on for the day, and Maddie Hince showed class in her ability in the forward line.
Ivanhoe 6.8 44
UHSVU 4.2 26

UHSVU Thirds
The Keepers have gotten the job done winning by 74 points over West Brunswick to start off our campaign in the best possible way. There was a return of many familiar faces but it was the debutants that stole the show; I.Van Hout
O.Cahill, C.Cappelleri, S.Goodear, C.McLeod, D.Nelson and B.Robinson all shone for their first game for the green and tan. T.Booth was handy down forward with 4 goals, as was T.Coburn for 2.
West Brunswick 4.4 28
UHSVU 15.12 102

UHSVU Reserves
The Reserves started just as strong as they finished their year in 2017. They dominated with a 118 point win over StJohns. With 7 goal scorers; the usual suspects, J.McGee kicking 6, S.Seeger-Snowden with 3, Thomas “Two chains” Cheyne and J.Lowe snagging 2. It was a cruisey day for the UHSVU forwards. J.Meehan, I.Brambley, A.Lade and C.Lund left nothing in the change rooms storming UHSVU home.
St Johns 1.1 7
UHSVU 16.29 125

UHSVU Seniors
The biggest nail biter was left to the last game of the day. UHSVU battled away in a goal for goal affair. B.Jackson was strong in front of goals once again with 3 and the Dimattina brothers were in the thick of it performing on debut. T.Howard also snuck through a couple of very important goals. Down by 3 goals with only minutes to play M.Sweeney, H.Schreir and J.Doyle stood up for UHSVU. Two goals came in quick succession to put UHSVU ahead as J.Ford held down the fort in defence.
St.Johns 12.10 82
UHSVU 12.13 85