uhs-vu vs powerhouse round 18 2018

Saturday wrap up!

The first year of uhsvu thirds and it was our most sucsessfull yet. The win in semi finals had taken us to across town to face long time rivals Kew. The game was an arm wrestle early with uni looking the goods early. Fruity was looking his usual self when he snagged the first. The tall bodies of kew made it hard moving the ball forward as uhs continued their relentless attack. Despite uhs controlling the game early they couldn’t put on any scoreboard pressure as Kew couldn’t seem to miss. Caleb mountjoy was rock solid all day. A late fight back from uhs looked promising but it was all too little too late. A tough day in the office for uhs. Many promising signs moving forward as our thirds will be a huge force to reckon with in 2019. Thanks to all that volunteered and helped with the thirds all year.


The 2’s went in Saturday seeking to claim the minor premiership fancying themselves highly over an off-the-pace Powerhouse outfit at Brens as the weather looked threatening on the last day of the home and away season.

Kicking into the wind first up Uni dominated most of the play and capitalised well on the scoreboard early to create a buffer at 1/4 time with Eyob getting amongst the action early days. In the 2nd, old mates and Country Music Channel Festival Brisbane 2019 enthusiasts, Tom “Wrinkles” Wambeek, Joey, Adam “The Fishermans Friend” Lade along with the Bull of Brens Reis Korp, were doing alright through the midfield and wings to keep Powerhouse at bay to half’s end. Uni leading by 10 goals with another hour to play and the clouds looking ominous…

Powerhouse gained some reprieve from the hail and wind of which slowed down the game in the 3rd quarter where Uni managed to keep them goalless through the excellent defensive efforts of Spenny and Jean-Paul. By 3/4 time Powerhouse’s efforts had well and truly dried up and the Uni boys were running riot putting some icing on the cake through Clay Lund’s 4 majors. The victory saw Uni miss out on the minor premiership by a measly 1% as Whitefriars demolished St.Johns across town.

Tom Wambeek Smiths Crinkle Cut Chips Scoreboard

UHSVU 15.12.102
Powerhouse 0.5.5


A truly Melbourne afternoon welcomed the seniors and their old foes Powerhouse at 2pm as the hail, sunshine, wind and goals rained down on Brens.

Kicking with the wind in the first, Uni looked sprightly through the run of the very handsome Michael Healey kicking 2 early snags from the wing, whilst brother Jim toiled away in the midfield allowing generation of a number of inside 50’s. Brother’s Dimatinna were their evergreen selves winning the inside ball and doing as they pleased with a smile throughout the ground and with good mate Tommy Howard, keeping the ball in Uni’s possession for most of the game.
Conditions continued to be poor, but this did not dampen the 1’s performance and they took a lead of 7 goals into the half.

As the 2nd half got underway and the game dried out somewhat, the delivery and feeding to Brandon Jackson did not, ending with 9 goals and the league goal kicking award in the meantime (Congratulations Brandon!). Nook-Nook and Gez continued to rebound any Powerhouse attempts at breaking into their 50 and saw UHS’s margin grow as the momentum did on their journey into finals! A big win against an old rival propels Uni into week 1 of the finals full of confide

Yum Yum Cookie for Nook Nook Scoreboard

UHSVU 19.12.126
Powerhouse 5.8.38

Massive Week for the club, seniors and reserves both in the semi’s with the potential to jump straight to the granny and seal promotion to D1 for 2019 (first time since ’78!!!)

Get down to Coburg City Oval on Sunday (26/8) from Midday to cheer on the reserves and seniors – VAFA finals charges do apply and the ground does have a decent car park however we are expecting a large crowd so get there early!