UHS-VU Vs Old Paradians Round 4 2018

Round 4 Report


UHSW had a bye and took advantage of the break to partake in a specialist Saturday morning training session. They’ll be keen, fit and raring to go this week for round 5 after an excellent start to the year!


Giblet’s men took the field against a recently shifted Old Paradians to the division and smelt an opportunity to scoop the 4 points on home soil. Uni dominated majority of the play through the great run of President Chris Marchio and the fine skills of the Prince of Uni High, Nick Rowland, however they were inaccurate and it cost them, falling short by 3 points as the bell tolled. In a game that involved sweat, blood, tears and more the final scores read:

UHS VU 2.7.19
Old Paradians 3.4.22


The reserves continued their stellar start to 2018 with a comfortable victory against Old Paradians. Reis Korp’s ability to win the contested ball consistently helped the outside run of Robbie Churkovich and Seen Rathjeen to set up healthy opportunities for the forwards as the midday sun broke through at Brens. Frank the Tank Rubinstein took advantage of the near perfect conditions to slot 3 in an 8 goal win.
Final Scores:

UHS VU 12.10.82
Old Paradians 4.8.32


Brens hosted a showdown between 2 teams with unbeaten starts at 2pm. With Parade jumping out of the blocks faster than Tom Cheyne on a Gucci pair of sneakers, the boys from Brens were trailing by 38 points at quarter time.
Uni fought hard and closed the gap at half time through the tireless efforts of Jacob Doyle, Tom Howard and Gerard Hawkins. With the stage set for a big second half, Parade powered on to leave Uni High in their wake despite some late goals bringing the margin back to 22 points by day’s end. Nik “Nukka” Amourgis and James “Gilfish” Gilfillan were admirable in their efforts throughout a tough day at the office.
Final Scores:

UHS VU 11.8.74
Old Paradians 14.12.96