The Round 5 wrap, brought to you by Errol St Spinal and Sports Physiotherapy and Three Crowns Hotel


Battle of the inner north started Uni High’s day off from Brens with the Thirds recalling some vintage players from eras gone by.
It felt like a Gold 104.3fm playlist with David “Fatty” Wallace, Adam “Fruity” Hellner, Joel “Karl Pilkington” Moden and the recently retired Connor “Clutch” McCutcheon taking to the ground.

Our thirds were unstoppable from the word go. Abi, Luke Attard, Sammy Goodear and the Diff could not be contained with healthy displays of defending from team manager Cheese and Lachie Duggan helping the zookeepers to their largest winning margin for the year!
Final Scores at home read:

UHS VU 18.14.122
North Brunswick 4.9.33


Down the eastern, our ladies ventured to the lush surrounds of Canterbury. At 9am Senior men’s player James “Specky” McGee was raring to support his beloved UHSW… only to realise the game didn’t start until 11am.

Once the game did start, Uni were caught in a tussle with the newly promoted Cobras with the game kept tight all day. Sarah “Snooze” Noonan and Katie Webb did their all to get Uni over line and Brienna “Butters” Butterworth held down a solid role to make sure we had every chance.

Inaccuracy ultimately telling the tale as the siren sounded, leaving Uni behind by a few points in an evenly matched Division 1 women’s competition.
Final Scores

UHSW 3.8.26
Canterbury 5.1.31


By the Yarra at Melbourne High (Hogwarts), the reserves were out to keep their unbeaten 24-0 run from last season alive at 11:40am against a determined Old Boys.

The game was tight up to half time where the likes of Tommy “Two Medals” Woodlock and Lachie Brown were generating thrusting play from the back line with the aid of ball winners Googs and Reis “the Bull of Brens”. As the game went on and our boys looked to be running out of steam, tragedy hit with Lachie Brown injuring his knee taking the spring out of UHS’s step and ultimately falling short by a few goals.

A difficult day for the 2nds to swallow, leaving them hungry for next weeks blockbuster with Whitefriars.

The playing group and the greater Uni High community offer their support and best wishes to Lachie Brown.

Final Scores

UHS VU 8.2.50
MHSOB 11.18.84


The 1’s were keen to make amends for their disappointing loss the week before by defeating Melbourne High to the tune of 3 goals on a special day for Craig Mawdsley playing his 100th senior game for Uni High. The day started well with Specky being on time and with correct attire, knowing he was in for a good day.

Uni held control of the game for most part through the likes of Gerard Sharrock and the midfield of tough nuts in Henry, Tommy, Jacob Doyle and Joey. Ruckman Nick “Bambi” Wallace provided first use and worked tirelessly to help set up and defend play with James “Punch the damn thing” Ford, however it was household name Nick “Last Samurai” Devereux who stole the show with 7 majors.

A win to remember for our club favourite in Craig Mawdsley, Scores reading:

UHS VU 12.10.82
MHSOB 9.10.64