uhs-vu vs emmaus st leos round 13 2018

Round 13 (Ball Week).

Massive week for Uni High with all four teams getting on the winners list taking the phrase “we don’t lose on ball day” to the max! An excellent day for our community, this is how it all unfolded thanks to Errol St Spinal and Sports Physiotherapy and Three Crowns Hotel.


Brisk and dewy conditions awaited our girls starting the day off at Brens on a beautiful Parkville morning where they met a hungry Swinburne Uni outfit keen to snatch an away win.

The stars aligned on a day where teamwork tied in with some individual brilliance to deliver UHSW to a 3rd win for the season. Uni shot out the blocks kicking the first two goals and never looked back, running rampant over Swinburne where the defensive pressure was key in the first half with the likes of Ella Ingram, Lily Davis and birthday girl Katie O’Rielly intercepting and providing great run to the mids!

Abbey “The Bont” Mills, Snooze (2) and Maddie Hince (5) were putting on a clinic through the middle and up forward. Wally and Pete knew the result was going to be favourable so they took the liberty to wear half their suits to the game in prep for the ball! Uni High running away with the game by 40 points…

Rankin Builders Scoreboard:
UHSW 7.10.52
Swinburne Uni 1.6.12


Over yonder up north, the zookeepers went to divisional rivals Old Parade home turf to keep their finger on the pulse for a double chance come finals time!

Coach Milicevic had the luxury of a highly talented outfit on the park with club royalty in Fruity taking the field and no prisoners in amongst it all. He was ruthless and class at the same time snagging 3 of the very best!
Equally as dominating was Grease Lightning himself, Nick Grapsas in the ruck providing first use to the on ball brigade of Cam Craig, that Tyler Legudi fellow (can dance) and McLovin (Tommy Cheyne). Grappa himself finishing with 3 whilst the Chook piped up for 2 leaving Old Parade lost for answers. The lads running riot to the tune of 8 goals

Conlan Cummings Scoreboard:
UHSVU 13.11.89
Old Paradians 7.1.43


Back to Brens, where the reserves were keen to get the job done under the return of captain Doggo and senior captain Charlie Jackson back in the fold. Both of which didn’t take long to have an impact with the pair of them hitting the scoreboard early, leading the way for a big day out!

Emmaus were outclassed by the polish of the boys from brens as soon as the game started. Reis Korp was crucial in his contested work and was complimented by the likes of Jack Saill, Barnesy and the prince of Uni High in Nick Rowland! As sure as Wagon Wheel plays at each function, Bae-watch Smith continued to kick sausage rolls for the home crowd. It didn’t stop with Baden however, Specky adding to the tally with 3 and the man in the right place at the right time Eyob finishing with a mighty 6.

A textbook display from the reserves to set up the seniors to bring home the keg!

Tip-Tops the one, Good on ya Mum scoreboard:
UHSVU 21.13.139
Emmaus St. Leos 4.5.29


The firsts out to continue their winning streak in D2 against a St. Leo’s outfit looking to avoid the relegation zone set the scene for a tight first quarter, where scores remained level despite UHS having a majority of the play.

Patience and persistence being the key for Uni High in a game where the opposition was hungry for an away win kicking the next 19 out of 22 goals for the game. Brandon Jackson was handy with 7 whilst the evergreen Aaron Christensen kept a cool head and caused problems for the Emmaus defence. At the other end of the ground, no one wanted to man up on both Gerard’s (Sharrock and Nighthawk) and Milan Fashion Week’s very own Luke Bell. They had free reign setting up a big win for Uni, marching home with the breeze for a 90 point victory.

Lee Kernaghan CMC Rocks Scoreboard:
UHSVU 21.10.136
Emmaus St. Leo’s 5.15.45

The Ball.

The night started unlike any other with Sweeney and a bottle of black sambucca, Splodge putting his underpants on back to front and Tom Cheyne perfectly curating each individual strand of hair to prep for UHS’s night of nights at St. Andrew’s Conservatory.

Tony Boyce patrolled the floor ensuring no scallywags entered without rightfully doing so in a jacket he may or may not have acquired from a bouncer some years back at balls gone by. The gents looked handsome, and the ladies even more so, on an evening where the mood was cheerful and our community enjoyed themselves as we only know how, with a few shandies and some boogieing.

Thank you Crossy and Ando for organising a great night with still more to come this year