UHS-VU vs Eltham round 8 2018

Round 8

Apologies for the 24 hour delay, the scribe was having a cup of tea and a bikkie last night, consequently fell asleep on the couch…

Sunny Saturday across Melbourne saw plenty of the UHS faithful watch their favourites at Brens and in Hawthorn. There was a whiff of excitement in the air with trivia being held later in the evening and bumper numbers having a great time!

But to the football, once again brought to you by Three Crowns Hotel and Errol St Spinal and Sports Physiotherapy


In the wee hours as Brenton Cross awoke from his slumber with his teddy and night gown, the thirds fought out an honest game of football, scalping the 4 points against a fired up Monash Gryphons team.

Down at the main break by a couple kicks, the thirds rallied with veteran Fruity setting the tone on which was to be Tommy Gibbs’ final game as coach (we thank Tom for his contribution and efforts to Uni High football). Frank the Tank was instrumental with his first use hitouts, whilst the return of Tommy Bates inspired Michael Cannizzaro to go to the next level! However the team effort proved to be the DIFFerence as the boys climb up the ladder with a 10 point victory.

UHSVU 6.9.45
Monash Gryphons 4.11.35


The ever-determined UHSW were away to Swinburne in their hunt for a third victory of the year at St. James’ Park.
Snooze continued her stellar season with the only major for Uni on the day as well as another BOG performance! The first saw the teams only separated by 2 points at quarter time with a sniff of hope around the group! As the game progressed Swinburne chipped away to a 14 point buffer by the end; painstakingly close to their next win.

Captain Bianca was resilient in her efforts continuously providing contests to give Uni every chance with Anna, Ali, Carly and Roisin having a red hot go in support. It was not to be our girls day, however the next win is not far away. The teamwork and care for each other shown by UHSW is an admirable trait of all its members, the club is very proud regardless of results!

UHSW 1.5.11
Swinburne AFC 3.7.25


The Mr. Magoos piled on a comprehensive score against an Eltham reserves outfit, whom of which are proud but having a tough year to date.
It was raining goals on a day with no clouds in the sky, Dom Goulding and Robbie Sloane taking full advantage with a haul of 5 and 4 respectively.

Jacob Doyle has been unwell since Saturday at 2pm with the worst case of leather poisoning we have seen since Tony Boyce graced the field at Brens for the first time. The Prince of Uni High, Tom “Recovery” Wambeek and Sam “Farmer wants a wife” Nielsen were running amuck leaving Eltham on their backs unable to get up at the final siren.

UHSVU 22.25.157
Eltham Collegians 2.3.15


As sure as Prime Possum says goodnight after the weather report each evening, Nick Devereux loves to dine out on opposition backmen when given the opportunity up forward. The Last Samurai slotted 7 majors for the second time this season putting Eltham to the sword ably flanked by young Aaron Christiansen and Henry “Mangoes” Schreier combining for 5 and 3 each.

Isaac Brambley, James Ford and Ben Anderson were excellent down back holding Eltham to only 1 goal in the second half. Using this confidence from the backline Uni High surged with inside 50 entries against a hapless Eltham defence. Jim Healey, Tommy Howard and Bentang were strong over the football inside and outside of the contest all day. Captain Charles Jackson ensured the boys never faltered throughout the game, running out 128 point victors and pinching 2nd spot on the ladder!

UHSVU 23.22.160
Eltham Collegians 5.2.32

One more week of action before the bye, details to follow for all games later in the week. Thirds are playing Friday evening at Monash Uni so bring your coat, scarf and come support the boys from 7pm!