UHS-VU vs Bulleen Templestowe Round 7 2018

Round 7
Saturday Wrap, brought to you by Errol St Spinal and Sports Physiotherapy and Three Crowns Hotel

With all four UHSVU teams plying away the women kicked off earliest at 9:20 against Hawthorn. UHS knew it would be a tough day against an in form Hawthorn currently sitting second on the ladder. UHS were up for the fight early with Captain Bianca Michetti leading the way. Grinding out a huge half of footy UHSW were only down by a goal at half time. Unfortunately it was the third quarter where things came unstuck at Hawthorn kicked away kicking 4 goals to 0 in the third. Despite the score, UHS didn’t allow Hawthorn to score any more goals in the last with Alison Louise Boyce and Carly Jane Underwood holding strong in the final minutes. A well fought out loss and many positives to take from a tough day.
Hawthorrn AFC 7-10 52
UHSVU 3-5 23

A battle of third and fourth turned out to be a nail biter down at St James Park. UHS came out of the blocks strong with Swinburne struggling with their chances in front of goal. The second quarter much like the first kept UHS 3 goals ahead but on a small ground they knew it wasn’t going to be an easy second half. Jayden “Frank the tank” Rubenstein was looking hot all day and took his chances in front of the big sticks claiming two. It was Swinburne who looked strong in the third grinding the game back too two goals. It all came down to the last quarter as UHS fought to a four point win to jump Swinburne on the ladder. Lloyd Grant and Tyler Legudi looked good all day and stood up in the last.
Swinburne 6-13 49
UHSVU 7-11 53

A huge day out for UHS Reserves holding Bulleen Templestowe goalless for all four quarters. It was raining goals with George “Gordon” Mcadam snagging 7, Mitchell Sweeny was good for 5 and “Chris” Lund was strong in front of goals with 3 to his name. Spencer “Handles” Horten was strong across half back as was Sam Neilson. A massive percentage booster for the Reserves to put them back onto the winners list after a tough couple of weeks.
Bulleen Templestowe 0-2 2
UHSVU 22-15 147

After a big win against the top team last week UHS looked to further their winning ways against Bulleen Templestowe. Bulleen were up for the challenge… UHS looked flat footed early as Bulleen kicked 6 goals to UHSVU 3 in the first. It wasn’t going well for UHS when within 5 minutes James Gill went down with a foot injury and Joseph Turner got concussed last the first. Two down and things didn’t get any better for UHS as Bulleen stretched their lead to 25 points at the main break. If it wasn’t for the desperation of Brandon Jackson in the first half the game would have been all but gone. UHS feeling in the same position as the week before knew it would take a big effort to bring the game back to even terms. Just to add salt to the wound James “Specky” Mcgee was unable to continue after also suffering an injury. It was time for something to change as Gerard Hawkins usually flying across half back became a massive target down forward. It was the Dimattinas who decided that today wasn’t Bulleens day as James’s manic forward pressure caused UHS to push their nose in front. It was fitting as Ben Dimattina was the man to seal the deal with the final goal to get UHS a really hard fought out win!
Bulleen Templestowe 12-8 80
UHSVU 14-10 94