To those who are new to the Club this year welcome!

Being a small club, we manage the various match day jobs by sharing them between Players and Supporter Volunteers.

The main jobs shared in this manner are

  • Goal Umpire,
  • Time Keeper,
  • Water Runner
  • Scoreboard Attendant (Home games only)



Senior Players will cover these roles for the First Half of the Reserves enabling them time to prepare for their match.

Reserves Players will cover them for the Second Half of the Firsts to enable them to shower etc.


This should mean that each Firsts and Reserves player only has to do a job about once every 5 games.


These jobs will be directly allocated by myself and communicated along with Team Selection on Thursday.

Initially this will be Alphabetical, so if your Surname starts with A or B and you are picked for the Firsts or Reserves there is a good chance you will be on the list Round1!

After we get though everyone once, I will then give “preference” to those who didn’t turn up to do their job on time the first time! (10 minutes before job starts) I will also try to be fair and not allocate to any starting Clubbies Players who are selected in the Reserves until they have played a least a few games in the Reserves.


For Clubbies jobs, it’s more difficult as the Draw has Clubbies playing at Home when Seniors are away and visa versa. If Seniors are able to Volunteer to do a job for the Clubbies when they are injured they will be credited for this. (plus potentially provided some other rewards tbd!)

If anyone has any suggestions of how we can support the Clubbies regarding Match Day Jobs please let me know!!!!

In fact if an Injured Senior player wishes to do any job for any team then they can let me know by the Tuesday and again they will be given credit so will not have to do when their name comes up on the next trip through the Alphabet.


There are always unexpected situations where an allocated person might not be able to their job. In these cases I may ask a different player who is there if they can do that job. In these cases I would appreciate players being willing to do this unless they have a specific reason why they can’t, and again they will received credit so will not have to do again when their name comes up on the next trip through the Alphabet.



I will be asking Supporters on the Round 1 Match Day if they would also be prepared to do a job perhaps once a month from Round 2, to cover either the Second Half of the Reserves or the First Half of the Firsts.

I would ask Players to mention this to any of their partners / family who may be there, expressing how much there help would be appreciated but also that they should not feel under pressure to do a job if they are not comfortable with this.


Please don’t hesitate to direct any questions to myself

Tim Habel          0413 450 123

Match Day Jobs Coordinator