Club History

University High School Old Boys (USHOB) Football Club

Established 1931

Affiliated M.A.F.A. 1932 – V.A.F.A. 1933-40 and 1948 –

A brief account of the history of the UHSOB Football Club, by Paul Bain.


During the 1930’s, no less than eight past pupils of UHS, five women and three men, held executive office in chief state sporting associations. After the new School was completed in 1930, the School enrolment grew from 698 to 1010 in 1936. The material advantages of the new School with sporting facilities, including the oval, fostered the expansion of old pupils’ sporting clubs at the weekend.

‘I remember: I remember. The house where I was born’- Thomas Hood, Past & Present The UHS Old Pupils’ Association began in February 1913. Its objectives were:

  • To hold reunions of old pupils of the School
  • To keep old pupils in touch with one another
  • To foster and cherish the tie of affection for the old School
  • To foster the interests of the School generally

In the year 2003, the Alumni Association Inc., with former players David Nolte (President) and Richard Evans (Treasurer), continues to positively represent the original objectives of the O.P.A.

The School website is

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Clubrooms Phone: 9347 9443

This document is by no means a comprehensive report of the UHSOB’s football Club. I hope, however, that it is the start of further investigation into the Old Boys and the people who have sculptured this great Club. I apologise for any mistakes, as historical evidence was at times impossible to find. I would appreciate any updates and or corrections. The author is particularly indebted to Mr. Tony Boyce, Mr. Wal Johnson and the UHS Library Staff (Rob Castles,Kate Marquard, Whitney Featherstone, Nicole Johnston) for allowing me the use of the library and in particular, past copies of Record, Ubique and photographs.

Special thanks also to Chas Rennie and Nell Boulter for supplying fantastic photos, and to Julian Uebergang for printing this publication. Lastly, appreciation goes to Mark Fergus (MLF Contracting Services) for his patience and expertise in producing this document, including the scanning of some 300 photos and documents.

The Jubilee publication, ‘A City Built To Music’ by Alice Hoy proved invaluable. UHSOB annual reports and the Amateur Footballer provided excellent reference material as did V.A.F.A. records from the 2002 Annual Report.

I put this together specifically for the Champion Team Gala Dinner which was an outstanding success.

Paul Bain (Pace)

In the Beginning

Photo to be inserted – Team of 1932


Back Row: Carl Volk, Max Waller, John Boulter, Clyde Young, Ray Steele, Morrie Ahern, Fred Turner, Norm Bragge, Bert Minney, Den Marty
Middle Row: Ron Rule, Jack Thorpe, Alan Rees, Ross Inglis, Neil Darroch
Front Row: Bill Gravel, Alan Roberts
Kneeling: Bill Vickers, Jim Mitchell, Cyril Evans, Monty Brown, Norm Stocks, Lee Treyvaud, Vic Sharp

In late 1931 the Old Boys’ Football Club was formed. The Club was to use the School oval during the winter months. An application was made for admission to the Metropolitan Amateur Football Association and the Club hoped to take its place in the Association in 1932.

Vic B. Sharp, E. “John” Boulter, and Alan “Fat” Rees founded the Club.

The position of President was to be a traditional position held by the existing Principal of UHS. At this time, Matthew Stanton Sharman filled the honorary role. Four Vice-Presidents, an Honorary Secretary an Honorary Treasurer plus four Committee members were elected to administer the Club’s business. The selection committee consisted of the coach, captain and vice-captain. Two delegates were appointed to attend M.A.F.A. meetings and one delegate to the Old Pupils Association.


The Club’s colours were Green and Terra with black knickers (The Amateur Footballer, 1932). Player quotas came from UHS, the Old Pupils Cricket Club and recruits from Sandringham, Brunswick Amateurs, Brighton Tech., National Bank and State Savings Bank. The Coach was V. Barwick with Alan Rees Captain and E.R. Inglis Vice-Captain.

On Saturday 23 April 1932, the UHS Old Boys took the field against MHS Old Boys.

Scores: MHSOB 9-5 to UHSOB 4-11.

The Club had competed and completed its first game in the ‘D’ Section. At the conclusion of the season the Club had finished ninth, which was last. The Club had recorded a membership of 34.


933 was a year of progress. The M.A.F.A. was now called the V.A.F.A. In ‘D’ Section, UHSOB won 11 of 17 games, gaining a place in the coveted Four.

The semi-final against North CBCOC resulted in a 7 point win to NCBC, 9-11 to 10-12. During the season UHSOB twice defeated eventual premiers, Ormond, at Ormond 15-10 to 9-17 and at home 10-14 to 9-14.

Mr. V. Barwick was coach with E. Russ. Inglis Captain and J.D. Thorpe Vice-Captain. The leading goalkicker was Vic Sharp with 40, and R. Steele kicked 9 goals in the Club’s highest score of 22-19 against Hampton.

Club membership reached 36 and the policy of encouraging good Clubmen met with success. The football club weekend consisted of 12 members staying at Harold Robinson’s seaside house at Palm Beach.

Office Bearers 1993


President: M. Stanton Sharman
Vice Presidents: H. Stockdale, A. Rees, R. Cousland, W.T.Giblett
Committee: N. Darroch, C.L. Young, E.R. Ingliss, J.D.Thorpe, A.E. Roberts
Selection Committee: A. Rees (C), J.D. Thorpe (VC), V. Barwick (Coach)
Delegates: V.B. Sharp (V.A.F.A), E.J. Boulter (V.A.F.A.), C.L.Young (O.P.A.)
Hon. Auditors: C.L. Young, R.H. Rule
Hon. Treasurer: E.J. Boulter
Hon. Secretary: V.B. Sharp

A New Beginning – 1948

Records could not be found for the 1948 (except for a photo & team list) & 1949 season. All that was available for 1950 & 1951 were these team lists:


Seasons 1959, 1960, & 1961 proved to be highly successful for UHSOB. The side scraped into the finals of ’59, defeating Glenhuntly by 15 points in the first semi and thrashing National Bank by 42 points in the Preliminary, which meant automatic promotion to “B” Grade. This set the scene for a showdown with arch rivals Power House in the Grand Final. Facing the undefeated Power House, the young side, with an average age of 19.8 years had a challenge on their hands. After leading by 15 points at half-time, they found themselves down by 39 points at three quarter time! A determined fight back saw them fail by 7 points, 13-10 to 12-9 at Harry Trott Oval, which was to become the venue for jubilation in latter years. The team of 1960 shown below:

Promotion to “B” Grade promised much and presented much. UHSOB thrashed bogey team Geelong (away) then top team De La Salle in the V.A.F.A. Match of the Day at Olympic Park.

Entering the final series, having won eight of the last nine games, the Old Boy’s demoralized De La Salle at Victoria Park by 58 points to gain a place in “A” Grade.

The grand final saw UHSOB face De La Salle once again and with Shearn, Harmer, Beissel, Frohlich, McAuliffe and Rainsford performing well, the team effort registered our first Premiership. The flag coincided in the School’s Jubilee Year, and was the final year of R.E. Chapman’s era as Principal.

The astute and disciplined coaching of George Murray earned the respect and praise of all connected with the School and the Club. Alan Masters captained the team, ably supported by Ian Kerr. D.B. Langdon and K.G. McRae were members of the selection committee.


Prior to the AGM of 1970, the retiring committee, after careful consideration, appointed Colin Kinnear, Senior Captain in the previous 3 years, to the position of Playing Coach – “if his knee permits him to play”.

Season 1970 attracted 27 new players to the list, of which 4 were to experience the “time of their life”. George O’Brien occupied the ‘Chair’, ably assisted by Graham Pascoe, Ian “Squire” Walker and the inimitable Haydn Fitzpatrick.

Colin Kinnear, as playing coach, had the wily student of the game, Jack Ellis, in his corner and when the season was under way, W. “Bill” Taylor as Reserves playing coach. The energetic, enthusiastic Lindsay Knox “Knocker” was responsible for giving and receiving on-field messages. He was a “runner” well before his time!

An Under 15 XVIII was entered into the Northern District Football League,coached by Ed Horton. This team won its way into a prelim final – an outstanding effort.

And so the season unfolded, the administration teamed well, the players were keen and dedicated, the selection committee pondered for hours, and the best laid plans of “mice and men” came to fruition – the 1970 ‘C’ Grade Premiership.

In the coaching notes of Col Kinnear, the following words appeared:

“concentration, courage, persistence, discipline, morale and spirit, motivation, hard work, do it together, never forget – PREMIERSHIP/TOGETHER.

On the 5th September 1970 at the Harry Trott Oval (remember ’60), UHSOB 15-10-100 defeated Old Carey 8-11-59.

Did we win? How did we do it?

An eight goal last quarter certainly helped! B & F went to Phil Ashmead, runner-up was Col Kinnear (he didn’t mind this time!) and Phil was voted best in the finals. Geoff “Woofer” Davis kicked his 100th goal for the season, amid jubilation, in the last quarter of the Grand Final – a story in itself!

Absolute joy is often accompanied with sadness. During the season, Alan Rees, a Founder of the Club (’31) and Allan Pfeifer S.M., long serving timekeeper and committeeman, passed away.


The President had predicated a final four finish in ’83. Recruiting, for a number of years, had been a major problem for UHSOB since the change in sporting policies at UHS and the discontinuation of the Juniors.

The opportunity arose to appoint a non-UHS person as playing-coach. Ken Laker, from Brunswick (VFA), was just the man, following a breathtaking reinstatement process! Ken finally took the field in round 3 and immediately became the major influential figure in the Club.

Concurrently, a shy lad from Warrnambool, Tony Boyce, having played 69 games, joined the committee to begin a great adventure in his life. Paul Bain and John Salvatico were to spend the next four years as President & Secretary to give stability a la Gary Boag (Treasurer ’79-’84).

History will show that 1983 was the most successful season since 1970. UHSOB won 27 of 40 games, including promotion to ‘E’ Section. Finishing the home and away games in fourth position with 12 wins, the Old Boys faced Commonwealth Bank in the First Semi.

In the opening round, Commonwealth Bank had thrashed UHSOB 22-21 to 6-5! The Old Boys came into the finals on the back of 4 successive wins and in a close game, won by 6 points, 16-13 to 15-13 to progress to the Prelim Final against Old Geelong Grammarians (OGGS). In a hard fought encounter, a margin of 18 points, 9-18 to 7-12,enabled the Old Boys’ to progress to a Grand Final, but not just one!

During the season, we had seen two narrow victories of 6 and 4 points against Footscray Institute of Technology Old Boys (FITOB), later to become Victoria University. Scores were level at ¾ time after 6 goals in the 3rd UHSOB. The final quarter struggle achieved 3-3 each, to result in a tie as the bell rang. Scores were 10-10 apiece.

Celebrations were put on hold and the task to ‘get the players up’ was a real challenge. Changes were made to the team as the Replay was to be held at the small Caulfield Grammarians ground. This game proved to be no different to the titanic battles experienced in the three previous encounters. Down by 17 points at ¾time, the Old Boys’ fought back to a man, to grab a 3 point lead with minutes left on the clock, only to see FITOB kick a goal in the shadows of the post, to inflict a gut-wrenching loss on us. We had been magnificent in defeat.

Would we live to fight another day?

Alan Flavel won his 7th Best & Fairest and Captain-Coach Ken Laker was beaten by one vote in the V.A.F.A. Best & Fairest. Ken had a wonderful rapport with the men in white! Ian “Webb” Webster was adjudged Man of the Finals Series. Wayne Flavel booted 79 goals, 13 in finals, to finish 2nd on the goalkicking chart. Peter “Hump” Humphreys was the very popular winner of the Reserves Best & Fairest. He was a great example to all in the Club and a tremendous acquisition as a Clubman. Peter captained the Reserves.

Individual achievements greeted Ian Chettle (100), Paul Bain (100), Adrian “Twinge” Hunter (100) and John “Salvo” Salvatico (100).


The Wal Johnson Honour Board adorned the Clubrooms displaying a brief history and Club records dating from 1960, as season 1986 began with a crushing 31-12 to 6-6 victory against Commonwealth Bank. This season was to be one of the most successful in the Club’s history. Under the leadership of the magnificent Vic Zanin, the Senior side recorded 15 wins from 18 games with some mighty scores: 46-27 v ANZ Bank (a record), 34-19, 31-12, 27-13, and 25-26 to have 2531 points for & 1023 against, with a percentage of 247.41% which must be a Club record. However, our nemesis was to be Old Essendon Grammarians, who defeated us in 3 out of 4 games, including the 2nd Semi 11-8 to 10-22 and the Grand Final 11-15 to 17-11.

While disappointed again in a Grand Final, the Club gained promotion to ‘E’ Section.

The Reserves’ story had a similar plot, winning 16 of 18 games, 2 losses to Old Essendon, a further loss in the 2nd Semi to Old Essendon 1-5 to 6-16, and a Preliminary Loss to Whitefriars College 8-8 to 10-10.

In the whole season, only one side, Old Essendon, scored more than 10 goals in a game.

The Old Boys finished with a percentage of 203.07% – a record!

For the second successive season, Vic Zanin grabbed the double with both hands – the Section & Club Best & Fairest. In the V.A.F.A. Best & Fairest, Vic polled in 15 of the 18 games and represented the V.A.F.A. in a victory against a Canberra team. Second in the Best & Fairest was “Mr. Consistency” Robbie Clements, and third was Gary Buckman, a big man who was Reserves Best & Fairest the previous year. Best in the finals was Jamie Palmer who enjoyed riding in an ambulance! Tom Kufner, playing off the half forward line, kicked 61 goals with his deadly left foot.

Ian Chettle recorded his 250th game while Bob Leared and Mark “Chooka” Rennick reached the 100 mark. Tony Boyce and Neil Andrews tied for the Reserves Best & Fairest. These gentlemen were to assume the President’s job in the near future.

Luisa Zanin, not the wife, but the eldest sister of Vic, was now assisting Andy McMillan with the first aid.

The 5th Annual Bush Dance was a success and a fantastic evening.

The Reunion of the 1960 & 1963 Premiership sides, was held at the North Melbourne Social Club. Guest speaker was UHS Principal, Mr. Peter Bryce.

2003 (D4)

Four Past Presidents, Paul Bain, Tony Boyce, Greg Catterall and Peter Dinnick formed part of the existing committee. Shane Mottram, formerly of Melbourne U19`s, Springvale, Keysborough, Frankston and Mornington was appointed Senior Coach and Glen Ternes (GT) and George Mandalis (Mandal) were the Assistant/Reserves Coaches. Shane “Crackers” Cracknell, a superb leader, was Captain.

Jason and Nerissa McCartney, along with Nathan Hahn attended and presented the jumpers to the players.

An exhaustive pre-season set the scene for what was to become an exceptional year in UHSOB/VU history. David “Fatty” Wallace, a club legend, was an inspiration to behold as he notched 3 goals in his 300th game. After some ups and downs the Senior side won their last 8 games to gain a place in the Final Five System.



Qual Final: UHSVU – 11 11 77  d  Albert Park – 9 8 62  at Box Hill CG
Second Semi: UHSVU – 14 9 93  d  Mt Lilydale – 4 9 33  at Preston City Oval
Grand Final UHSVU – 2 1    6 3    7 3    12 12 84
Mt Lilydale – 2 1    4 2    8 8    8 9 57
Goal Kickers: Farrelly 2, Rose 2, Smith 2, Tate, Gorringe, Dolence, Mottram, Gerolemou 1 each.
Best: Cracknell, Creek, Langendorf, Devlin, Gorringe, Dolence.
Tony White Medallist: Shane Cracknell

Played at Preston City Oval with a very strong northerly wind.

On the same day the Reserves also played for the “flag”. After winning 14 of 17 games and providing a strong depth of players for the Seniors, the Reserves faced North Brunswick, who were able to play some senior players.

With the aid of the strong breeze NB slammed on 5 goals to our 1 behind in the first quarter to take a serious advantage. In the next 3 quarters our boys dug deep and fought back valiantly to finally go down by 6 pts. Matthew “Otis” O`Neill was our courageous skipper.


Qual Final: UHSVU – 15 8 98  d  St Marys – 11 9 75
Second Semi: UHSVU – 9 8 57  d  North Brun – 8 5 53
Grand Final UHSVU – 0 1    2 3    4 3    6 5 41
North Brun – 5 7    5 7    6 11    6 11 47
Goal Kickers: Hall, Haynes, Cusick, Partridge, Wallace, Hircoe 1 each.
Best: L.Maguire, Hall, Hircoe, Haynes, Wallace, Cleveland.
Milestones: D.Wallace – 300 games, M.Davidson – 200 games, A.Hellner and G.Madra – 100 games
Best & Fairest: L.Gorringe (Seniors), K.Weber (Res.)
Goal Kickers: L.Gorringe (Seniors), K.Weber (Res.)
VU Award: J. Hall
VAFA Award: C.Langendorf – 3rd B&F D4, L. Gorringe – Most Valuable Player D4
Life Memberships: Luisa Zanin-Boyce, our first female to attain this distinction and Matthew Davidson, veteran of 200+ games.

The Team:


Backs: J.O`Neill, M. Wright (VC), A.Dowdell
Half Backs: S.Cracknell(C), R.Thorp, S.Hams
Centres: M.Butera, S.Mottram (Coach), S.Devlin
Half Foward: N.Rose (VC), B.Farrelly, C.Langendorf
Forwards: G.Madrigrano, J. Tate, W.Smith
Ruck: P.Dolence, L.Gorringe, D.Creek
Interchange: M.Gerolemou, R.Lapish, D.Zulicki
Trainers: Ms Rebecca Hurley, Ms Jo Butchart

The Founders

E ‘John’ Boulter

John Boulter attended UHS and was a member of the UHS Junior Team which was Premiers in 1926 in the M.H.S.S.A. competition. John continued to play in the school sides and in 1932 was part of the first UHSOB Football Team. John filled the role as Treasurer in 1932 & ’33. He relinquished the position to concentrate on his studies. He served on the Committee in 1935 & ’36 before becoming the Captain of UHSOB in 1936 & ’37. E. ‘John’ Boulter was the first player to reach 100 games. Johnny Boulter’s last season as a player was 1939.

Vic B Sharp

Vic Sharp represented UHS in the senior XVIII from 1927 to 1930, when he Captained the team. In the first two years of the Old Boys, Vic was Secretary and also the delegate to the V.A.F.A. From 1934 until 1929, Vic. held the position of Treasurer. V.B. Sharp was Vice-Captain of the Old Boys in 1937. He was a tireless worker for the Old Pupils’ Association.

Alan ‘Fat’ Rees

Alan Rees was Captain of UHS Senior XVIII in 1920. He Captained the Old Boys in 1932 and 1934. From 1932-35, he was Vice-President and coached the team in 1936. Alan was quite a lad, often the brunt of jokes about his size and the thinness of his hair, which he answered with his robust play. In June ’36, he sustained concussion and declared his football days over, but the odour of training oil and leather proved irresistable! Alan played over 100 games. He proudly wore the No. 1 Guernsey. He appears to have finished playing in 1938. Yet after World WarII, he led the Committee that revived the Club in 1948. His name appears in team lists in the ’50’s and apparently played a game when in his fifties. Alan ‘Fat’ Rees was a key figure in the link between the School teams and the Old Boys. He organized the Annual School versus Old Boys games. His widow donated a trophy which became the Alan Rees Trophy awarded to the Club’s Best & Fairest Winner. The Alan Rees Shield was presented to the winner of the Shchool v Old Boys’ game. From 1953-62, Alan Rees held the position of Senior Vice-President. In 1960, the School’s Jubilee Year, he did a power of work on the organizing committee to make the occasion a complete success. Alan Rees became the Club’s first Life Member.

Club Identities

Mr George Murray (1955 – 1965) – “A great teacher and coach”

George was welcomed at UHS in Term III, 1950, and became the sportsmaster and mistress! He arrived after four years on the Education Department Staff. Having gained his Trained Primary Teachers Certificate, he was completing studies part time at University to qualify with a Diploma of Physical Education.

UHS was to prove very different from his days as Headmaster of Jumbuck State School in the hills out of Yinnar, a few miles from Mirboo North. Sport was George’s main interest, playing cricket, football, tennis, and baseball, with cricket being his favourite. George considered co-education a great idea especially in the forms from leaving onwards! He also thought exams a necessary evil.

George made his mark in cricket at district and state level and was awarded a cricket Blue in his first year at University. He holds an opening wicket partnership with G. Thoms of 298 at University and a sixth wicket partnership of 152 with D. Darcey at Footscray. At Uni, George received a Football Blue.

At UHS, he used the pseudonym “Opener”, writing the sport reports in Ubique. His comments were always enlightening and constructive, providing young sportspeople with excellent feedback. George looked for courage, ability and fitness in a footballer to gain his vote. He strived to have players in their best positions and playing as a powerful combination. His astute coaching was enhanced with his wonderful ability to sum up the strengths and weaknesses of opponents. George was an inspirational orator respected by all at UHS & UHSOB.

His legacy lives on.

Colin “C.K.” Kinnear

Col first played with the Old Boys in 1965 with 6 games in the Seniors and 5 in the Reserves. Col had come from a sporting family as his father, Joe,had played VFL football with Melbourne. Small in physical strength and a late maturer, Col was making the transition between 2nd & 1st XVIII football, during his first year in Matric, which he passed. It was noted that Col was “cool and clever, made every kick count”.

During this year of ’64,Col was awarded a Sports Award in Cricket. Season ’65 saw Col develop as a footballer. In between studying humanities, becoming a rock guitarist and adoring his powder-blue Ford Prefect, Mr. ‘Football’, C.K. was “undoubtedly the most improved player of the year.” He had a great year on the wing, using clever anticipation, strong marking and safe ball handling to win many possessions and use the ball with great accuracy. His efforts earned him a Sports Award in football. He also doubled up in cricket.

In ’66 with the Old Boys and attending Teacher`s College, Col joined the General Committee, which awarded Life membership to George Murray in the same year. Col’s development as a player continued and he was awarded the Most Improved Player Trophy. In three years, he had experienced School, “A” Section and “B” Section football.

Initially George Murray and now Jack Ellis were definitely leaving an indelible mark on Col in motivation, tactical and organizing skills necessary to manage a football team. C.K. became the assistant secretary and captain of the Club for the ’67 season. The season proved to be very successful in contrast to ’66 when relegation was just avoided. The senior side finished 4th and C.K., leading by example, finished 2nd in the Best & fairest to Angus Hume. CK had played all 20 games.

Holding down the positions as in ’67, Col once again played all 20 games only to see the team beaten in the Prelim Final by Monash University. CK again was 2nd in the B & F, behind an excellent footballer in Graeme “Jumbo” Joslin, who went on to play senior football with Footscray in the VFL. The bond between C.K. and Jack Ellis had flourished, aided by the astuteness of Gary Boag and the sterling efforts of Max Fairchild. However, season ’69 was a bitter disappointment for all in the Club. The team was relegated to ‘C’ Section and Col only played 4 senior games. He had now played 70 games in 5 seasons, 50 in the middle 3 seasons.

The Committee had no hesitation in appointing C.K. Captain-Coach with the challenge to take the Club back to b section. Jack Ellis resumed in a dominant role as Chairman of the Match Committee.

Together, they became a formidable partnership, one on and the other off the field. Hours of thought, analysis and discussion went into selecting sides. Under Colin Kinnear’s leadership the Club was to win its second senior premiership. This was surely the greatest moment and launching pad for C.K. to further his life in football, even though he chose to travel overseas in 1971. In 1970, C.K. played 20 of the 21 games and believe it or not, finished 2nd in the Best & Fairest to Phil Ashmead.

Col returned in 72 and played 9 games. The Club returned to ‘C’ Section and C.K. for the second time, was appointed captain-coach. While the Club narrowly avoided relegation, both Col and Barry Masenhelder were unanimously reappointed for ’74. During ’73, Col had organized a very successful sportsman’s night function, further reflecting his talent. C.K. had now played 114 games which was one less than the total he was to play for the Club. The Club remained in ‘C’ Section without showing any real improvement over the season.

Playing mainly on a wing, Col completed his career at UHSOB. His record speaks for itself, and the Club will be forever indebted to him for his enormous contribution.


Played: 1965-70, 1972-74
Games: 115
Goals: 30+
Captain: 1967-70, 1973-74
Coach: 1970, 73, 74
Assistant Secretary: 1967, 69
Committee-man: 1966, 70, 72-74
Life Member: 1974
Premiership: 1970 ‘C’ Section
Best and Fairest: 2nd 1967, 68, 70

C.K. has always maintained his interest in the Club. On occasions, he has addressed the players, taken training, organized raffle/auction prizes and initiated the idea of a Gala Dinner and Champion Team.

Wal Johnson: Patron

Wal must go down as the staunchest Clubman/supporter the Old Boys has had. From his own words he is “the ancient you see posting up wrong scores at home games”. This particular “job” he acquired a half a century ago, from Howard Toyne who was absent at a bike meet! Wal calculates he has played in or witnessed about 1500 games, following the fortunes of 3000 or so players. Wal, an Old Boy of the School, first played in 1937 with the juniors. After being a member of the services in WWII, Wal returned home and to his beloved UHSOB in 1948.

His last game of football was in the School versus Old Boys game, coincidentally, the last game of the great John Coleman. For many years Wal served on the committee and will probably be best remembered for his deeds as the Special Effort expert and Past Players organizer.

Wal had an excellent “bag man” in Haydn Fitzpatrick, who was Treasurer from 1966-1975. Together, they successfully ran the Special Effort from ’66-’75, with Wal continuing to 1978. In that period of time it is estimated almost $12,000 was raised for the Club. This money was to be the life blood by which the Club would continue to exist.

Wal Johnson is a quiet humble man with a deep passion for his football Club and its people. When you see a gentleman operating the scoreboard at our home games, go and say hello, ask him who won the last race and what the scores are in the AFL. For he will surely know, just as he will recall how you used to play.


General Committee: 1954, 70-74
Senior Vice President: 1964-65
Vice President: 1957-61, 66
Selection Committee: 1961
Secretary (Reserves): 1963
VAFA Delegate: 1963-65
Special Effort Manager: 1966-78
Life Member: 1967
Patron of UHSOB: 1979
Wal Johnson Honour Board: 1986
VAFA Certificate of Merit: 1986
Past Players Liaison: Forever
Scoreboard Operator: 50+ years and still going!
‘Champion’ Team Selector: 2003