200 games for tireless veteran Warren “Wozza” Smith



200 Games for UHSVU Veteran, Warren “Wozza” Smith

Round 15 sees the 200th game to be played by one of the most remarkable players in the VAFA.

Warren Smith will play his 200th game since he joined the club in 2003. To some this may not seem that unique but when you take into account the following you get the picture. Wozza played over 100 senior games with Brunswick in the old VFA, including the games former VFL legend Mark “Jacko” Jackson played in, over 100 senior games with Sunshine YCW, over 100 senior games with Woodend and countless underage games.  At last count he has played in 13 premiership teams including two with UHS-VU Seniors in 2003 and 2007.

Wozza continues to be an excellent contributor on the field despite now being 51 years young!  He inspires all around the club to do their best with or without the ball. He is a classic on field leader who is a scrupulously fair ball player who maintains a positive outlook no matter what the score of the game. Off the field Woz loves nothing better than serving behind the bar, hiding the last cans of whiskey and coke so there is one for the road!

All players and supporters from Uni High wish the “Old Man” of football all the best on this important milestone.